NorDataNet interface evaluation

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This webform is used to collect user's feedback on the webportal in general, its functionalities and more specifically the data search interface and associated tools. The webform will always be available and will be used as input to evaluation of user needs, space for improvements and implement a more user-friendly portal. Thus we hope that you will provide your input and help us make this a valuable tool for the scientific community.

General Info
Name of the institute/company you work for
Your role
Area of interest
Do you visit the NorDataNet portal?
If Not, it is beacuse
If Yes, it is becasue
Add additional comments with respect to the content of the portal
Content of the Portal
Is it clear what the portal is about?
Is the portal user-friendly?
Is the portal well structured?
Is it easy to browse around and find information?
Are the provided information relevant for your needs?
Provide feedback on the NorDataNet portal. If you are not familiar with it, you are expected to browse a bit around the portal before answering the questions below.
Search Interface
Do you have a good first visual impression?
Is it easy to understand how to use this interface?
Are the filters appropriate and useful for your needs?
Is it easy to use the map?
Add additional comments with respect to the search interface
Provide feedback for the search interface provided by NorDataNet:
Results Interface
Do you have a good first visual impression?
Do you have quick access to all the relevant info you need?
Add additional comments with respect to the results interface
Provide feedback on the results interface provided by NorDataNet. Hit the search button from or make your own search.
Feedback for improvement
What do you think is most important for improving the NorDataNet portal?
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