Harvesting of datasets from partner repositories have been updated

The harvesting procedures for information on available datasets in partner data repositories (NPI, NERSC and IMR) have been updated. This is still a beta release so duplicates or erroneous records may occur, but preliminary checks show that most harvested and ingested records works fine. Some records have been rejected during ingestion for various reasons.

Special issue on the FAIR principles.

From the CODATA mailing list:

A special issue on The FAIR Principles: First Generation Implementation Choices and Challenges, has been recently published in *Data Intelligence* . This special issue, organized by Prof. Dr. Barend Mons , the senior author of the foundational paper on FAIR Principles and the President of CODATA, Dr. Erik Schultes and Dr. Annika Jacobsen, contains 28 articles authored by 135 experts from 14 countries/territories worldwide.

A new version of the Climate and Forecast conventions is released

The Climate and Forecast (CF) Conventions community has released the CF 1.8 conformance document. There are a number of major improvements in that document which now also support geometries (similar to Shape and KML) as point, line, polygon and multiples of these. The most recent version of the document is available at http://cfconventions.org/latest.html.