Why does the CF/ACDD compliance checker complain on my Conventions statement?

By steingod |

The NorDataNet compliance checker tells me that I don’t have a Conventions attribute present that clarifies that it follows ACDD-1.3 standard, but I have a Conventions attribute containing "ACDD-1.3, CF-1.8"?

The reason for this issue is that the Conventions attribute is an attribute of both ACDD and CF.  It can be a bit confusing as:

  • acdd wants comma separated
  • cf wants either space (preferred) or comma separated

According to CF:

Everybody speaks about metadata, what is metadata?

By steingod |

Metadata are data about data. In general there are two types of metadata that scientists should be concerned about. That is Discovery metadata that are used as index cards in a library and used to search for and find relevant data. Once data have been found, data consumers needs standardised information to tell them about the content of the data and how to interpret these. This is what is understood by use metadata. For further information please check https://www.nordatanet.no/en/node/71.

Is NorDataNet an operational service?

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No, NorDataNet is currently under development. NorDataNet is neither intended to be an operational service in the sense that operational agencies define this. It is intended as a research infrastructure supporting scientific work flows. Operational agencies may use data and services offered through NorDataNet, but in the current situation, no Service Level Agreements will be offered for NorDataNet services. Please ask the contributing data repositories if you need such services on data found through NorDataNet.

How do I contribute data?

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NorDataNet is not hosting data centrally. Data archiving is done by the partners through their repositories. Further information on how to contribute data will be available through the Data Submission page. This page will be updated and eventually a central upload service will be supported. NorDataNet also plan to integrate with the Norwegian Infrastructure for Research Data (NIRD).

How do I search for data?

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Once the system is fully functional, the NorDataNet hub will harvest disovery metadata from each contributing data centre and make these searchable in a unified catalogue. Data will be served from the host data centre and will not be harvested. However, bundling of data from different data centres is a functionality that will be supported as well as combination of data that are available through OPeNDAP from the host data centre.

Can NorDataNet be extended with more data repositories?

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Yes, NorDataNet would like to extend with more data repositories. The requirements are that data repositories offer discovery metadata using OAI-PMH serving either GCMD DIF or ISO19115 (including GCMD Science Keywords). For best functionality data should be served using OPeNDAP which allows streaming of data through a generic data model which is capable to handling most types of data. Please contact the project if interested in integration.

Which data repositories are integrated?

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Initially the partner repositories (IMR, NERSC, NILU, NPI, MET) are integrated. However, the system is still under development and full integration of partner repositories with daily updates are not expected until 2019. As it is now partner repositories and e.g. NSIDC and PANGAEA are harvested regularly, but not all records harvested are ingested. The quality assurance in the harvest process is still under development.