Which functionality will NorDataNet offer for Data Consumers?

By steingod | Sat, 11/18/2017 - 08:07

NorDataNet will offer unified search across a number of data repositories/catalogues allowing the user to search one location for information. depending on the interoperability interfaces (access protocols and data encoding/formatting) for the data served, NorDataNet will offer:

  1. Direct download of full datasets in the native format.
  2. Visualisation of gridded datasets if OGC WMS is supported for that dataset.
  3. Visualisation of timeseries if OPeNDAP is supported for that dataset (this functionality is limited currently) and the dataset is identified as a timeseries using the global attribute featureType set to timeSeries.
  4. Data reduction on the contributing data centre if the dataset is served through OPeNDAP. This implies subsetting in parameter space, as well as spatial and temporal subsetting.
  5. Transformations of data if data are served through OPeNDAP. This implies reformatting (changing file formats) and repojecting (changing map projections) of gridded data. For timeseries, data dump to comma separated files is supported (limited functionality currently).