Integrated data centres

Brief information on the contributing data centres is provided below. Concerning the last two status columns, these indicate the status for unified search and the ability to subset, reformat, visualise etc data using UNIDATAs Common Data Model. In addition to the data centres listed here, NorDataNet is also harvesting information from a number of other data centres through the activities of the Arctic Data Centre.

NorDataNet connected data centres
 Data Centre Types of data hosted URL Discovery metadata OPeNDAP
Arctic Data Centre Meteorology (including atmospheric composition), oceanography, climatology, glaciology, permafrost Integrated Most datasets
EBAS Atmospheric composition, trace gases etc Integrated All datasets
Norwegian Polar Data Centre Environmental monitoring data (meteorology, oceanography, glaciology, biodiversity etc), topographic and geological maps, everything primarily from polar regions. Integrated No
Norwegian Marine Data Centre Marine data Integrated Some datasets
Norwegian Infrastructure for Research Data All types of data Under development Under development