Conference: Engaging Researchers in Good Data Management 15 November, Cambridge

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Is it possible to achieve better management and universal sharing of the world’s data through mandates alone? Policy change and other top-down approaches are important, but many advocates are also driving change through engaging with researchers directly. This one-day conference featuring workshops, talks and demonstrations will address how advocates are finding increasing success in managing and providing greater access to research data.

Status report from NorDataNet

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The plan was to release the search interface before summer vacation,  but unfortunately we ran out of time. The search interface has been tested and verified for public release. We will release this immediately after summer vacation and start populating the catalogue with records harvested from the partners. In this process we are also checking metadata harvest from other relevant catalogues. Please contact the project if you have catalogues that you would like to expose through Norwegian Scientific Data Network.

RDA seeking candidates for its annual TAB election

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RDA is now seeking candidates for its annual TAB election, to be held in September 2017.  Terms are for three (3) years. We encourage participation from people in all stages of their careers. Nominations will be accepted until August 15, 2017.

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