SeaDataNet released a new version of the Octopus software

By steingod |

OCTOPUS is a multi-format Checker, Converter and Splitter tool. From the OCTOPUS web page:

  • OCTOPUS checks the compliance of a file to the SeaDataNet ODV, netCDF and MedAtlas standard formats. The checks for ODV and NetCDF are described in the FAQ section
  • OCTOPUS converts files in a given SeaDataNet format to another SeaDataNet format (e.g.: ODV to NetCDF, netCDF to ODV, MedAtlas to NetCDF, MedAtlas to ODV)
  • OCTOPUS checks the ODV SDN variant formats for biology, microlitter and flow cytometry, it can converts them from ODV variant to ODV variant
  • OCTOPUS has also additional functions such as:
    • Split a multi-station SeaDataNet file into mono-station SeaDataNet files
    • Extract station(s) from SeaDataNet files
    • Convert MGD v81 and v98 to SeaDataNet ODV  files

The new release includes:

  • Adds-on
    • Take into account ODV variants for biology, flow cytometry and microlitters for checks and conversions ODV to ODV
    • ODV check: the primary variable must have at least one non null value
  • Bug fixed
    • NetCDF SDN Format: all numeric types are allowed (not only doubles)
    • Conversion MedAtlas to ODV: use of default value defined in the current station header
    • ODV format: Depth is no more mandatory in timeseries that contain a parameter belonging to P02 ASLV
    • Conversion NetCDF to ODV : remove extra tabulation at the end of lines
    • Allow COREDIST also in cm (ULCM) as primary variable
    • MedAtlas check: detect an error if a value = default and the flag != 9