Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

The Nansen Center (NERSC) is an independent non-profit research foundation affiliated with the University of Bergen which performs basic and applied research on (i) climate; (ii) regional ocean modelling studies and operational oceanography; and (iii) satellite-based ocean and polar research. The Nansen Center generate interdisciplinary scientific expertise in Earth system environmental and climate research, satellite remote sensing, modelling and data assimilation. Its research foci are in Earth sciences, particularly covering topics such as physical and biology oceanography, meteorology, sea ice/cryosphere studies, hydrology and climate studies, including remote sensing in all these themes. NERSC has established a network of research centers in Russian, China, India and South Africa, forming the Nansen Group. The Nansen Groups long-term strategy is to provide an impetus for globally-oriented research in support of sustainable development of the earths resources and to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. NERSC leads the NRC funded project NORMAP aimed at facilitating easy access to the remote sensing products for scientists. NERSC also participates in various projects focused on scientific data acquisition, production and delivery (also including near-real time operation): Arctic-ROOS, GreenSeas, AquaMAR, BarentsWatch, MyOcean and other.

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