Norwegian Meteorological Institute

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (METNO) was founded in 1866 and is a public agency which operates 24/7/365. The institute is providing information that supports public authorities, businesses and the general public to secure life and property and in support of societal planning and environmental protection. R&D at METNO is supported directly by the government, by research councils, EU, ESA, EUMETSAT and others. METNO only undertakes externally funded project work that supports the core mission of the institute which is to safeguard life and property. METNO Research and Development is related to operational numerical modelling of the atmospheric, oceanographic, environmental and sea-ice conditions. In order to support these modelling activities, numerical modelling techniques, in situ and remote sensing observations and data assimilation techniques are addressed. Development of IT-tools and applications focus on serving the general public and scientists in addition to operational commitments (e.g. WMO GTS, WIS). METNO is representing Norway in many international conventions (WMO, ECMWF, EUMETSAT) and is involved in a multitude of partnerships both within the operational parts as well as in Research and Development.

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