A new version of the Climate and Forecast conventions is released

The Climate and Forecast (CF) Conventions community has released the CF 1.8 conformance document. There are a number of major improvements in that document which now also support geometries (similar to Shape and KML) as point, line, polygon and multiples of these. The most recent version of the document is available at http://cfconventions.org/latest.html.

Next deadline for e-infrastructure applications to Sigma2 is February 9th

The next call for processing and storage resources at Sigma2 closes February 9th. Further information on how to apply is provided at https://www.sigma2.no/call-e-infrastructure-resources-2. If you need storage resources and want to publish data, please contact us and we may help coordinate resource applications for the geoscientific community. If you are not familiar with the Sigma2 services, please check out the Sigma2 website and ask us if in doubt.