International Ocean Data Conference 2022- The Data We Need for the Ocean We Want

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Through the Polar Data mailing list we have received information on an upcoming conference that may be of interest to the Norwegian community:

Dear Polar Data Colleagues

We are pleased to announce the “International Ocean Data Conference 2022- The Data We Need for the Ocean We Want”, to be held in Sopot, Poland between 14-16 February 2022 as a hybrid event.

The main objectives of the Conference will be (i) to consider regional and global strategies and policy needed to achieve the digital ecosystem; (ii) to discuss existing and required technological developments and their implementation; and (iii) to identify future directions in ocean data and information management.  The mentioned objectives will furthermore be considered within the multi-sectoral vision of the Ocean Decade.

The expected outcome will be a Conference Declaration that will provide a number of actionable recommendations to the global ocean data and information, observational and management community aimed at realizing the implementation of the ocean data and information “global commons”by 20XX.

As a member of the IODE community we would now like to invite you to paricipate in the Conference, either by presenting a paper or a poster. Taking into account the continuing Covid19 pandemic it is expected that the Conference will be organize as a hybrid event with a number of participants in Sopot, Poland (conference venue) and others participating online. We fully understand that you may not be able to decide whether you will be able to join us live or online at this early stage.

Guidelines for the submission of an abstract

Abstracts should be clear, concise, written, and presented in English. Presenters are requested to carefully proofread their abstract. For abstracts that are accepted authors will be asked to prepare full papers or poster presentations (in PDF format). Authors of oral presentations that could not be accommodated (due to time limitations) may be requested to prepare a poster instead.

Posters and oral presentations will be delivered at the Conference either virtually or in person, and will also be published on the conference website at

 A wide range of topics are welcomed to be presented during the following Sessions:


Suggested topics for each of the Sessions are listed on 

We note that for Session 4 (Delivering the Ocean Decade Vision) no abstracts are invited.

All abstracts should be submitted electronically via , until the deadline of Friday 29 October 2021 (23:59 CEST).

The following information will be requested in the submission:

  1. SESSION where the paper will be presented (see above): 1, 2 or 3
  1. TOPIC(s) covered (identify the session topic(s) that best cover the subject of your paper): example: 1.5.2
  1. TYPE OF SUBMISSION: a,b,c, d or e (see below)
  • Paper for on-site presentation (in Sopot, Poland)
  • Paper for live (real-time) online presentation (from your location)
  • Paper for recorded (delayed mode) online presentation (from your location)
  • Poster for on-site presentation (in Sopot, Poland) with person on-site
  • Poster or e-Poster without person on-site
  1. TITLE of the submission
  1. NAME AND EMAIL OF SUBMITTER (name and email)
  1. AUTHOR(S) (full name(s) and email(s))
  1. AUTHOR(S) AFFILIATION (institution(s) name, city, and country)
  1. ABSTRACT (maximum of 300 words). Abstract should include Introduction and Objective, Materials and Methods, Relevance to data exchange, Results, and Conclusions. Do not include list of authors, illustrations, graphics, photos, tables and references.

Abstract text should not include any illustrations, graphics, photos, tables, references

Upon reception of your submission, the Secretariat will send you (submitter) an acknowledgement of receipt of the submission. After the deadline for submissions (29 October 2021) the Scientific Committee will review all submissions and the Secretariat will inform all submitters of the decision by the Scientific Committee regarding the submitted paper/poster.

If you are having problems to fill out the form, do not hesitate to contact us: or Peter Pissierssens (

The accepted full papers or posters will need to be sent to the Secretariat (in the agreed format which will be communicated) NOT LATER THAN 1 DECEMBER 2021.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Peter Pissierssens and the IODE team