Major changes in the metadata catalogue

By laraf |

On Monday 20th of March the SolR back-end for the metadata catalogue of the data portal will be changed.

Some major modifications will be present, including changes of metadata identifiers for some of the records.

A namespace prefix no.met.adc for all records managed by the Arctic Data Centre ( is now added.

Some records might be missing at the beginning, but we are working on filling these gaps.

RDA Seminar: Introducing 10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research

By laraf |

RDA Seminar: Taking place on 22 September at 21:00 UTC, this webinar presents "10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research”, which are guidelines designed for curators and researchers interested in publishing and archiving reproducible research output.  It will focus on the following: