The CODATA-Helsinki Workshop on FAIR RDM in Institutions

The CODATA-Helsinki Workshop on FAIR RDM in Institutions will take place at the National Archives of Finland on 20-21 October 2019.  It is a collocated event before the 14th RDA Plenary Meeting, Helsinki, Finland.

The organisers and programme committee invites presentations and posters for this workshop: https://conference.codata.org/Helsinki-CODATA-2019/submit/ 

The deadline for proposals is Friday 6 September.  Given the relatively short time before the event, there will not be an extension.  We aim to notify accepted speakers by Friday 13 September.


Paper on Data Discovery Paradigms from RDA Europe 4.0

With more and more data becoming available through different data repositories, scientists are faced with a new challenge. How to find the most relevant datasets for their research. This paper presents a study of user requirements conducted in the RDA Europe 4.0 project and provides a set of ten recommendations for how data repository operators can improve their data discovery services to give their users a better search experience. Paper at https://datascience.codata.org/articles/10.5334/dsj-2019-003/.