New functionality

Single Sign-On authentication on NorDataNet

By laraf |

NorDataNet has integrated a single sign-on (SSO) solution through an OpenID Connect identity layer.

It is now possible to create a new account or connect an existing account on the portal using a series of commonly used identity providers such as Google, GitHub, Feide, Microsoft and ORCiD. Detailed information on how to use this functionality is given on the login page.

Share searches for data with colleagues

By steingod |

It is now possible to share searches for data with colleagues. When you have specified search criteria and performed a search that you are satisfied with, you will find an envelope at top of the search results pane. This will enter a URL into an email that you can save for alter or send to a colleague. This feature will be further improved in the future.

Updates to the search interface and the catalogue

By steingod |

Recently the search interface and backend services supporting this has received a number of upgrades which have improved functionality. We are now harvesting metadata on a regular basis from several partners, but some issues still need to be handled. Some problems are handled in the harvest process or prior to ingestion, but some issues require handling on the provider side.