Metadata harvesting

Information from the National Ground Segment for Satellite Data

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Transformed Sentinel satellite products from the National Ground Segment for Satellite Data (NBS) is now included in the catalogue. The data files that are included are primarily CF-NetCDF versions of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 for the time being.

Harvesting of datasets from partner repositories have been updated

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The harvesting procedures for information on available datasets in partner data repositories (NPI, NERSC and IMR) have been updated. This is still a beta release so duplicates or erroneous records may occur, but preliminary checks show that most harvested and ingested records works fine. Some records have been rejected during ingestion for various reasons.

Developments in harvesting discovery metadata

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The discovery metadata harvest process is currently in rapid development. The harvest works fine,  but there are major modifications under development in the quality assurance procedures for the harvested information. In the current situation this may cause some of the havest streams to go unfiltered (or less quality controlled than planned) into the the NorDataNet site. This can imply that some datasets are not fully ingested due to insufficient discovery metadata. Insufficiencies can be on the originator side or at the handling side in NorDatanet.