Update terms

Standards evolve; new terms get added to controlled vocabularies.

If you are online, you can click the button below to retrieve the latest versions of the different vocabularies used in this template generator


By clicking the buttons below, you are overwriting files stored locally that the template generator uses. This could cause problems if, for example, the format of the source files harvested changes. Please test that the template generator runs as expected after doing this, and contact the system administrator if you encounter any problems.

Columns in template generator

CF standard names


Page displaying latest version of the CF standard names

Darwin core terms

All terms


Page displaying latest version of the Darwin Core terms

Cores and extensions

All cores/extensions

The following cores/extensions are included in the template generator:

Unfortunately, the latest versions of the cores/extensions cannot be retrieved user this interface. This is because each URL above points to a specific version. There are no URLs that dynamically point to a latest versions of each core/extension.

These can be updated by changing the URL(s) in the following script and running it:

Discovery metadata

ACDD conventions