Joint user interaction meeting between NorDataNet and INTAROS

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In recent years we have seen an increasing focus on publication and reuse of scientific data. These data are generated using public funding and it is in the interest of the authorities to maximise the benefit of investments in science. Furthermore, the data is a very important legacy of the science undertaken. As a consequence national, regional (EU) and global requirements for free and ethically open access to data have emerged.

The Research Council of Norway has in recent years funded a number of research infrastructures that focus on publication, sharing and preservation of scientific data. Among these infrastructures there is a growing interest in traceability and provenance of scientific data. These two elements ensures proper credit (attribution) of data providers and confident use of data.

Within the geoscientific domain some of the relevant infrastructures are Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMDC), Norwegian Scientific Data Network (NorDataNet) and Norwegian Satellite Earth Observation Database for Marine and Polar Research (NORMAP). In addition a pilot project (GeoAccessNO) looking at the scientific legacy in the context of data, software and publications has been looking at traceability from physical data to digital representations of these. At the European level, the H2020 project Integrated Arctic Observing System (INTAROS) has a similar perspective through establishment of a observation network for the Arctic.

All these projects are depending on a constructuve dialogue with the user community to develop cost efficient and targeted services. Thus we are now inviting to a joint meeting in Bergen. This is the 4th meeting in a series of half yearly meetings travelling between Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø. The subject for the meeting is "How can national and international research e-infrastructures support national geoscientific communities?".

Find here the minutes of this past event!

Part 1: Seminar for scientists

Location: University of Bergen, Geophysical institute, Foredragssalen R200, Allegaten 70

Date and time: Thursday 15th November, 9:30 - 12


  1. Welcome
    (M. Fiebig, NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research)
  2. Maksimise the benefit from Norway's research funding by re-use of research data: perspective by the Norwegian Research Council.
    (U. Jaekel, Norwegian Research Council; 10 min)
  3. Use and re-use of data for the FerjefriE39 project
    (B.R. Furevik, Norwegian Meteorological Institute; 20 min.)
  4. Challenges and solutions when using data from several sources: examples from oceanography and remote sensing
    (M.W. Hansen, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center; 20 min)
  5. Norwegian and international data infrastructures: Services for data providers and users, with a focus on the Arctic
    (Ø. Godøy, Norwegian Meteorological Institute; S. Sandven, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center; 30 min)
  6. Discussion: Which services do data users and providers need from data infrastructures?
    (moderator: S. Sandven, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center; 60 min)

Part 2: Student seminar on sharing and re-use of research data

Location: University of Bergen, Geophysical institute (East wing), Carl Ludvig Godske meeting room, Jahnebakken 3

Date and time: Thursday 15th November, 12:30 - 15


  1. Stuctured documentation of own data
  2. Documentation of procedures, software, algorithms
  3. Documentation for use in a publication
  4. Traceability and data citation
  5. Free pizza!!!