Three simple steps towards publishing data

The following steps are important

  1. Document your data
    1. Data should be documented according to an international standard as this simplifiesreuse of data across communities and time. Data should be documented for people unfamiliar with the data or the data provider. NorDataNet recommends that NetCDF following the Climate and Forecast (CF) convention is used. Discovery metadata should be included as global attributes according to the Attribute Convention for dataset Discovery (ACDD). If ACDD elements are present, discovery metadata can be automatically extracted from the files provided and the publication and preservation process is simplified for the data provider.
    2. You can test your NetCDF/CF files for compliance with the standards using the online validator available at Both CF and ACDD elements can be checked. If you have issues navigating CF standard names for variables or identify gaps, please tell us and we will help in the process.
  2. Share and preserve your data
    1. Contact on of the contributing data centres to NorDataNet for publishing and preservation of your data. Integration of Norwegian Infrastructure for Research Data (NIRD) is in process.
  3. Announce the existence of your data
    1. This is handled by the data centre hosting your dataset.