Paper on Data Discovery Paradigms from RDA Europe 4.0

With more and more data becoming available through different data repositories, scientists are faced with a new challenge. How to find the most relevant datasets for their research. This paper presents a study of user requirements conducted in the RDA Europe 4.0 project and provides a set of ten recommendations for how data repository operators can improve their data discovery services to give their users a better search experience. Paper at

Turning FAIR into reality

Turning FAIR into reality, The Final Report and Action Plan from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR Data has been recently published.
"This document is both a Report and an Action Plan for turning FAIR data into reality. It offers a survey and analysis of what is needed to implement FAIR in a broad senseand it provides a set of concrete recommendations and actions for stakeholders in Europe and beyond. FAIR requires key changes in the practice and culture of research and the implementation and normalisation of certain technologies and practices."