CODATA arranges a webinar on the Data Management Plan

CODATA is arranging a webinar on (extracted from the CODATA invitation email) why we need to embrace development and use of data management plans (DMP) to guarantee production and supply of quality data. The importance and value  of a DMP are in its use as an instrument for the following: capturing quality metadata and data; implementing data policies; complying with funders and publishers requirements; preventing occurrence of data disasters;  enabling research collaboration; supporting open science and citizen science; and enhancing research careers.

The webinar discusses key components of a comprehensive DMP and suggests how to formulate a DMP. It discusses the link between metadata and data and how it affects the quality of data, and its use and reuse in the data ecosystem. The need to conduct a complexity analysis based on CFTER factors along a proposed data value chain model shall be discussed. The DMP issues that will be considered include: IT costs; storage and backup; best practices; data licensing; data preservation; and self-assessment instruments.

Prof Muliaro Wafula the presenter has contributed to the development of Nature Masterclasses online course on Managing Research Data that could be of help to early career researchers.

Other examples of DMPs recommended and relevant to the webinar include:

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